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In the process of sending out Yamamoto’s Horseplay to beta readers. And Daniel and the Djinns reached the 23,000 word count.

I’m editing this post from my phone because I’m working on another manuscript I have in the works. This one I have some new material for that I thought I would jot down.

Good vibes all around. Hope that all of you are having a productive Sunday.

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Ties loose ends for the year

This site is officially once again under construction. Yamamoto’s Horseplay will be getting a domain name and finally getting the attention it needs. And so will the writing…I’ve been putting off submitting my first manuscript to traditional publishing houses and more or less doing anything with this blog. With the holiday season underway my hope is that you will tune at random intervals sipping your oolong, coffee, or what have you reading this posts.

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(Second) First Day of Septemer Post & Updates!

Well, I’m happy to announce I got a full time job (not in writing, but in the engineering field) a couple of weeks ago. And I will be moving to Chicago for the duration of my contract. If you’d like to meet up and say hi, let me know when you’re in my neck of the woods!

Further down on the housekeeping items list, I am mapping out how I would like the new website and what the name of said website will be. Suggestions are welcome, of course.

For now, I’ll be moving forward with officially relaunching this blog and hearing your feedback.

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Introducing the (other) plots in the works *drum roll*

Drum roll please…

I am pleased to introduce to you today to the other plots in the works. It goes unsaid that all three plots are currently incomplete as they lay somewhere in my inbox. As the first sneak peak look at them, I’d like to jot down a little of the history and inspiration for each (Wolf Amongst Wolves, Daniel and The Djinns, and The Killer’s Niece).

So here goes…

Wolf Amongst Wolves Under the Writing page, I noted this plot deals with a rich girl that more or less has it all, or does she really? Mina (short for Wilhelmina) has a model for a best friend, goes on to date said friend’s ex, and runs into other deep, more personal issues such as coming to terms with being a victim of rape. But that’s already giving away too much of the plot, more details on the way.

Daniel and The Djinns Lo’ and behold, djinns really are real…in the Parallel Universe, of course. Djinns by definition are mythological creatures and for Daniel they become a living reality when he finds himself fighting in a war waged between the Djinns and Ifrits. Little does he know what his true involvement in the war are or who he is. Not many details have been hatched out on this plot, so I will leave the rest to your imaginations as I work on character development.

The Killer’s Niece This plot was conceived about the same time with Wolf Amongst Wolves and Yamamoto’s Horseplay. Our main character Zia (see the Writing page) moves to Northern California in hopes of moving away from the air and noise pollution, and having neighbors after a ‘slump’ to find her at the dead center of a criminal investigation. Luckily, or unluckily, the investigation is about a string of murders in this small town committed by none else than her uncle (hence the title). The sticky part comes when she’s really the only lead on the investigation and as Detective Thompson finds himself in love with Zia.

Readers, as you can tell this writer has not been sitting idle even during engineering school.

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Progress update on the August Monthly Report

Hello readers,

Per the request of one of my readers, I have updated the ‘Writing’ page on this blog with a brief description of what’s in the pipeline. I feel it is my responsibility to readers to share an update of what’s in the works for this blog (aside of what will be the occasional update on the relaunch of this WordPress site).

More on the three new works (Wolf Amongst Wolves, Daniel and The Djinns, and The Killer’s Niece) later on.


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What character drove the plot? Did you find yourself rooting with a biased cheer?

I stumbled upon an article, which was more of a writing exercise really, that asked writers to think about the three most important characters. Granted, there was more than picking the characters who had more lines. The article asked of the writer to really look at who: (1) moved the plot along, (2) who played the hero in the end, and (3) who really was the protagonist.

So, I’ll ask you if you found yourself rooting for the character who surprised you the most?